Friday, September 02, 2011

Kim Kardashian in Thakoon

Kim Kardashian was out and about looking fabulous in her mustard abstract printed Thakoon shirt dress.

I am looooving this vibrant look. She added a brown leather belt to cinch in her waist.

She completed her look with a bouffant ponytail, hoop earrings and hot brown Jimmy Choo strappy sandals.

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It's Cost Me Alot, But There's One Thing Ive Got... said...

No kim....for the first time no. She looks like an extra from one of the saved by the bell beach vacation episodes. THE SHIRT HAS A WEIRD hemmed up thingy in the middle...or tailored to contour your waist, but putting the belt on it makes it flair out really weird like around the lower hips and in turn makes her look wider and not accentuating her hips.