Friday, September 02, 2011

68th Venice International Film Festival: 2011 Gucci Awards For Women In Cinema

I just give up! How can someone be this gorgeous?

Salma Hayek looks stunning as ever in her pewter embellished tiered Gucci Premiere dress.

My jaws literally dropped to the floor, when I view this spectacular gown. The crystal bodice is magnificent and the full skirt is embellished with hand cut petals of gray feathers.

The actress completed her look with an amazing bouffant up-do, pewter satin clutch and flawless make-up.

There were others at the event but why even bother posting their pictures when they pale in comparison to Salma?

Absolutely extraordinary.

Seriously, why Madonna insist on wearing shades on the red carpet?

I think her new boy toy, 24 year old hottie boyfriend French dancer Brahim Zaibat got her going a little crazy. Does she just hang around the the nursery looking for next boyfriend?

I have to admit that he is scrumptious as ever. He better ride this gravy train until the next 20 year old rides his bike around. Get it girl!

She looks great in her black 40's inspired georgette and sequined Gucci ensemble. I adore the gold metal detail at the waist.

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