Monday, March 31, 2008

EMRL Dinner in Honor of Hair Stylist Ken Paves

Eva Longoria

She looks fabulous in this violet bubbled Mochino dress!


I love this patterned Diane von Furstenberg dress because it makes her look soft.

Jessicia Simpson

You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. Everything is just wrong from the way too long hair extensions to the hideous belt.

Ashlee Simpson

She looks great in this simple black dress accented with the wide leather belt and the leopard bag and Christian Louboutin shoes are fabulous! She needs to give fashion advice to her older sister Jessica.

Kate Beckinsale

This ensemble is just a YAWN!

Hair Stylist Ken Paves

Is it me or he looks a little disheveled?

Ashlee, Jessica, Ken and Kate

Jessica and Eva

Monday Madness:K-CI and JoJo

K-CI and JoJo

They were recently in Tanzania (they must be desperate for entertainment) performing their hit songs. Obviously they are still on crack so please continue to pray for them.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fashion Pics

Jennifer Lopez

Didn't she just have twins two days ago? She looks fabulous! She wore Reem Acra simple black draped dress to the "Shine A Light " New York Premiere and I am dieing for that white quarter length coat and the her over-size glasses she wore just out and about in New York. All of you sweatpants wearing after pregnancy women please take notes!

Vanessa Williams

I love Vanessa but I am not feeling this outfit. I love the white trench but the dress looks like she got it from QVC shopping network!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nickelodeon's 2008 Kid's Choice Awards

Usher, Tameka and Kids

I am assuming those are all her kids. Usher is becoming the ideal step-father.

Holly Robinson Peete, Rodney Peete and family

What a beautiful family! Is it a law in Hollywood that your kids have to be beautiful?

Will Smith, Willow and Jaden Smith

They are so adorable!

Nia Long and son Massai

Nia looks fabulous as always in this printed Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and her son Massai is so handsome!

Akon and Guests

Who are all these kids?


I love this girl. She gets it right every time. This look may not be for anyone over 25 but it's modern and fashion forward...just fabulous!

Janet Jackson

She looks amazing but she needs to get that Chinese store( I know it's political incorrect) weave together!

Jordin Sparks

I love this Diane Von Furstenberg dress and her Giuseppe Zanotti wedges are fabulous!

Lil Momma

Call me crazy but I like this funky Betsy Johnson taffeta tulle dress. Maybe because it's reminds me of my 1989 prom dress but it's ugly cute. If anyone thinks I am going nuts please let me know!

America Ferrera

Once again she is on point with this gold David Meister chiffon dress with her funky wedge heel...well put together!

Eddie Murphy

I don't know Eddie you look a little fruity in this photo. I am starting to believe those Johnny Gill rumors!


He is so handsome. I am surprise that old cougar of a wife wasn't stalking him!

Best Diva Of The Week

Elise Neal

I know it's no surprise Elise Neal won Best Diva Of The Week because this gold ruffled dress is leaving me gasping for air. I am going to track down the designer of this magnificent dress for the rest of my fashionable life!

Which Diva Wore It Better?

Rihanna and Lil Momma (Betsy Johnson)

I never thought I would utter these words but Lil Momma looks better in this funky taffeta tulle Betsy Johnson dress. It just works for her.

Sanaa Lathan and Nikki Hilton (Jenny Han)

Sanaa Lathan wore this fabulous white ruffled dress to the Sundance Film Festival with knee-high boots and she looked amazing. Nikki Hilton chose the same one for the the Prada-Present Trembled Blossoms and she just looks blah compare to Sanaa so Sanaa wins!

Aubrey O'day and Elise Neal

I can never get enough of this dress. Aubrey wore it to the NY Giants Superbowl Victory party and she just cheapens this classy dress. Elise Neal wore it to Behind The Lens and she made it look chic Elise wins hands down!

D.Woods and Teyana (Heatherette}

They both wore this hideous dress but D. Woods looks like a clown while Teyana looks corky funky so she wins!

Kelly Osbourne and Kimberly Stewart (Luella)

I hate this ugly dress! Kelly Osbourne just looks silly. Kimberly Stewart at least spiced it up with a blue shrug so Kimberly wins!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Calvin Klein)

Mary- Kate recently wore this shapeless Calvin Klein sac to the screening of 21 and Ashley Olsen wore this in 2006 for Calvin Klein runway show.Obviously this jumper was recycled but it should had stayed in the recycle bin.

Friday, March 28, 2008

1st Annual Fiercee Awards

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks honour women of "America Next Top Model" with the 1st Annual Fiercee Awards. Yeah, I thought it was a joke too. She needs to stop making up ridiculous award shows to get attention. I love her Jenny Packham dress. The combination of the coral with the turquoise is fabulous!

Toccara Jones

I guess "Celebrity Fit Club" did her some good. I am so glad they got the memo about color! She looks great but she still needs to tame those puppies!

Bianca Golden

She looks stunning in this fuchsia ruffled silk dress. Her face is gorgeous.

Jaslene Gonzalez

As much as I love my girl Jaslene, I hate this dress! It looks like a 1982 prom dress...just hideous!

Saleisha Stewers

This is the first time she looks like a fashion model. I love this asymmetrical Gucci dress.

Camille McDonald

My Jamaican Queen looks fabulous in this Diane Von Furstenberg dress and she is right on trend with the floral dress. I wish she would have done something with her weave. It looks like she just took it out of the pack and slapped it on her head!

Keenyah Hill

Is she serious with this pose? I hope she doesn't faint trying to hold her stomach in!

Jade Cole

This dress and the hair are competing for the most hideous things I have seen all year. She looks a Hot Mess Tranny!

Joanie Dodds

She looks great! I love the mauve/gold shaded breezy dress...just fabulous!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Home Decor: African Inspired Rooms

African inspired home decor can turn any blah room into something unique and fabulous. The key is using exotic fabrics and beautiful African art. Fabulous people travel to Ghana, Kenya and South Africa to bring back their beautiful African furniture and art but if you are like me and on a budget Z Gallerie and Pier 1 will do the trick!